Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Introductions are a Bitch

Introductions are a bitch, ain't they?  Hello all!  Name's Dan, I call myself Terodian, but folks call me Tero, and if you're reading this it's likely if you keep reading you're gonna get to know more about me and what, as well as how I write.  You see, I'm a bit of an aspiring writer and I wanna get a feel of what folks think about my writing, so I've finally gotten around to starting a blog.  There are a few things you should know before reading further, however:

1. I swear a lot, and I can be a bit vulgar in terms of dialogue and humor, so if you keep reading the blog you're okay with that, and either mature enough to handle it or immature enough to laugh at it.  Either way works fine by me.

2. My humor is weak.  I get it.  You can laugh or roll your eyes and I'm okay with both.

3. A lot of my writing is centered around a particular theme/characters that I've been developing since high school.  I wanna make them interesting, but if you get bored with them then that's okay too.

4. I'm pretty relaxed. Though I do have an inherited temper.  I won't blow up on my readers though, I promise.  Hopefully.

5. I tend to type things as if I were speaking them out loud, for the most part.  Depending on my mood you may see a decent amount of slang, or a bit of an Indiana accent.  Things such as "dunno", "kinda", "ain't", etc,  These hopefully won't pop up in my more professional writing unless a character is speaking or narrating, but you never know.  (You may have noticed the distinct flip in my tone from my previous wording compared to number five.  I also like parentheses.)

6. I should mention I'm not a perfect writer either.  I overuse commas, and sometimes write myself into a corner or roadblock and skip around parts without transitions.  I'm working on it, dammit!

Now that that's out of the way, enjoy!  As of right now I don't really have much else to post, though if I can get some time and energy (Of which I have little nowadays it seems) I'll throw up a few small pieces of my past writing.  Until then I suggest preparing yourselves for writing of thunderous proportions!  Or mediocre, yet sharply flowing scribbles.  We shall see!


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