Sunday, August 11, 2013

Article One: Description!

Hello again avid readers!  Okay, so I can be a bit of a liar.  Not in a bad way but my time is limited and gets away from me somewhat often admittedly, but below is a bit of description on my original character Leon.  Well, I've dodged between Dan, Leon, Terodian, and James multiple times, so for now let's just call him as the public knows him, Thunderblade.  No, no, not the old timey helicopter arcade game.  This Thunderblade is a... well, he doesn't like the term hero because he doesn't feel he fits, but we'll stick with superhero for now.  What makes him so super?  Read on!

No, no, at first glance one would hardly peg me as a hero.  Well, even the term "hero" can be relative and I probably wouldn't relate it to me either.  Even after the event I felt like I'd hardly changed.  Brown hair, azure eyes... well, alright, a few things changed.  I wasn't nearly as stocky as I used to be, I'd guess that the extreme surge of current hastened my metabolism and cut down on the majority of my body fat.  Ironic considering I became what some would consider the perfect insulator... and conductor.  Along with this I'd learned how to stimulate my own muscles with electricity, bringing forth something of an inhuman strength from within me.  This muscular form coupled with an average height gave me a hidden form of intimidation.  Sure I wouldn't tower over a thug, but they'd think twice before attacking, and twice more after they regained consciousness in a jail cell.

Another notable trait I didn't notice until far later were my eyes.  While generally they remain azure, I got a glimpse of myself in a mirror during one of my... occasional overcharged states, and to my surprise they'd turned a vibrant shade of electric yellow.  Along with this golden electricity would spark all around my body constantly, yet erratically in all directions.  It is quite a sight to behold as long as the viewer isn't the one who put me up to it.

One thing I've always found interesting too is that even with how much current I take, my clothes and equipment have barely ever been damaged by my own abilities.  Like every vigilante I chose my own signature uniform, consisting of a yellow T-shirt, (With my own personally-designed symbol of course!) cargo jeans, (Extra pockets for Gods know what I could need) and a black vest (With a few more pockets for good measure).  I also designed my own special gloves and boots to enhance my abilities.  One would be amazed at how useful metal-lined soles and palms can be, in terms of magnetism and current.  I should also mention the bandanna I keep tightly-tied around my head, just to cover my mouth.  See I'm a guy, and as a guy I don't necessarily wanna shave every day.  The best way to keep my identity hidden (I feel) is to keep that covered.  No one looks twice at me on a daily basis anyway.

Finally, last but not least by any means, are my two blades.  These babies are my life as a samurai cares for his katana.  Tesla and Volta I named them, and I couldn't ask for better weapons.  With a flick of my wrist I can interlock them into a much wider, yet heavier blade.  I forged them roughly four feet in length, each about three inches wide apiece, with sharp edges as thin as needles.  Along the flat lengths I engraved their names in viking runes that glow golden when charged.  I've always liked being at least a little flashy.

Well, that's pretty much the basics of what I look like if anyone cares to know.  Not many have seen much of me standing still so I suppose I could see why you people would be so interested.  Maybe more later.

All writing is copyright © 2013 Dan Faulkner

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